ACMSAPI aims to create awareness and save as many animals as we can from cruelty and abuse. Animals are our passion and we are dedicated to protecting them.

What We Do

In a nutshell, we save and protect animals. No matter what type of animal, we will fight for them.

Investigation – We follow up on reports or suspicions of animal cruelty or abuse. Whether from veterinarians or the general public our team of volunteer investigators will work to legally collect photographic or video evidence of the neglect or cruelty. However, the first step for us is…

Education – ACMSAPI wants to give people the benefit of the doubt. Often, animal guardians are unaware of the harm they are causing their animal companion. In the case of prong collars, shock collars or aggressive punishment based training animal guardians may even think they are doing the right thing. We first work to educate owners on appropriate animal handling and care. If educating fails to be effective the next step is…

Coordination with Investigative Agency – Depending on the offense and location, we will work with the appropriate investigative agency to provide legal follow-up. This is only after attempts to educate have failed. We work with agencies across Colorado and strive to provide as much information to investigators as possible in order to make their life easier.

Community Education – We work with the general public and the veterinary community to provide everything from an overview to detailed training on how to identify, discuss and report animal neglect and cruelty.

Why We Do

The accounts of animal cruelty and abuse that we get to deal with is a clear call for action. People abuse animals for different reasons, often it is a simple ignorance. We believe that someone needs to step in and speak up for the animals. We strive to protect the innocent of this world in an effort to make it a better place to live. One animal, and one person, at a time.