The Association of Colorado and Mountain States Animal Protectors and Investigators, or ACMSAPI, is dedicated to the protection of all animals. We believe that animals deserve love, good homes, compassionate guardians, and freedom from cruelty. Animals are living things and bring joy into our lives. They do not deserve cruelty, abuse, or any form of maltreatment. ACMSAPI is a site for anyone who wants to protect animals, whether it be pets, wildlife or livestock. In short, we believe in the five freedoms as presented by the ASPCA.

Our team is very passionate about the protection of animals and we do everything we can to help them. We have volunteer investigators that follow up on reports or leads. We have veterinarians that help our furry friends to heal after their turmoil. For those that are not so lucky, we have veterinarians that provide forensic reports to government agencies. We are not a legally or government sanctioned agency. Instead, we focus on first on education for those committing animal neglect and video or photographic monitoring of those committing animal cruelty.

ACMSAPI is the protector of animals in specifically Colorado and Denver. This site is focused on people living in these areas to help create awareness and call on residents to help our cause. Protecting animals requires the community to notice what is happening around them. It requires them to speak up and report animal abuse or suspected animal abuse. That is the only way we can fight everyday cruelty.

Please visit our other pages for more information and to learn about what you can do to be an animal protector.