Gandhi once said, “What you can do in response to the ocean of suffering may seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it.”

This is in essence what this article is about – the need to do our part in changing the world one little bit at a time. You might think that your efforts are too small to make a difference, but this is not true. Every little bit helps and every time you help protect an animal, more people become aware. It is important that we all stand together to protect the animals that offer us comfort, unconditional love, and wet kisses.

Things you can do today:

Speak up – If you see anyone being cruel or abusive to an animal, report it. Check it out this post for more information on what information you need to report a case.

Don’t litter – Plastic bags, containers, rope, etc. are all hazardous to animals wild and domesticated. It can kill them if it gets stuck around their necks or in their throats. Keep your world cleaner and safer for animals.

Eat less or no meat – It may seem drastic, but you can limit your meat intake or at least choose meat that comes from animals that didn’t suffer. You can ask the butcher or do research on where you can find meat that was slaughtered humanely. Kosher and Halaal meat are best. Also, when you do eat meat, honor the animal that gave its life to feed you.

Adopt or donate – Adopt an animal or three from a shelter and give them a happy and loving home. If you cannot adopt, volunteer at your local shelters or make a donation to organizations that protect animals. You can make the difference between life and death for animals by donating and adopting.

Create awareness – Help animal protection organizations and wildlife protection groups by creating awareness. Social media can be a powerful tool, so use it for a good cause. Don’t post pictures of mangled animals, rather post the information needed to identify and report abuse.

If we all take the time to do these little things, we can make a big difference. Every little thing we do contributes to the bigger picture.

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