ACMSAPI is a group of volunteers that work to protect animals through the use of activism and information. We are not a law enforcement agency but we work to make the job of law enforcement easier.

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Our mission is to educate the public on animal welfare issues in order to create a more just and harmonious union between animal and man.

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The Association of Colorado and Mountain States Animal Protectors and Investigators, or ACMSAPI, is dedicated to the protection of all animals. We are a volunteer based organization that works to educate the public on animal welfare issues with a focus on the legal aspects of animal welfare. We work with veterinarians, veterinary technicians, shelter worker, legislators, pet food companies and everyday people to promote a greater understanding of how to identify and report animal neglect or cruelty. 

ACMSAPI was established in early 2014 with the purpose of protecting and promoting animal welfare through an improved relationship between investigative organizations, veterinarians and the general public. We rely on people in the community to report animal cruelty and abuse and to take a stand with us. Additionally, we rely on those in the veterinary or sheltering industries to report offenses to animal welfare. We cannot protect all the animals on our own. We need your help. ACMSAPI is dedicated to making sure that all animals are safe, protected and loved.

ACMSAPI is a 501(c)(3) and as such we recieve no funding from government sources. All members of ACMSAPI are volunteers and all funds go to directly to the promotion of our mission. There is no love like the love you get from a rescued animal saying thank you. There are 3 main areas of what we do:

Reporting and Investigating Animal Cruelty

Based on tips and reports from the community, we investigate potential cases of animal abuse, neglect, or cruelty. We are not a legally or government sanctioned investigative agency and as such, we walk a fine line. However, we know the law and we know what government agencies need to enforce it. While following all laws ourselves, we collect video or photographic evidence of animal welfare offenses. Quite simply, the best way to help an investigation is if the person who reported the abuse has physical evidence like a recording or a video. Otherwise, most cases fall apart into a he said she said or a struggle to prove abuse based on veterinary forensics- which is often very difficult.

Educating the Veterinary Community

While veterinarians are highly trained experts, many do not know how to identify subtle signs of animal abuse. Because animals can't tell us how they got their bumps, bruises or scratches and because it isn't uncommon for them to get injured during daily activity many veterinarians fail to see signs of animal abuse. Additionally, not all veterinarians have been trained on veterinary forensics or other veterinary sciences that are critical to completing an investigation. Even more important, many veterinarians don't know what to do if they do find evidence of animal cruelty. They are caught between maintaining a relationship that allows them to care for and see their animal patients and the risk of alienating the client by involving investigators. Our trainings give veterinarians, veterinary technicians and clinic staff the tools they need to both identify, report and discuss animal cruelty and neglect.

Our upcoming training schedule is as follows:


"Discussing Animal Neglect In The Veterinary Practice"
Parkside Animal Health Center
5001 S Parker Rd #101
Aurora, CO 80015
08/26/17 from 8:30am to 11:30am

"Veterinary Forensics- Post Mortum"
South Boulder Animal Hospital
4660 Table Mesa Dr
Boulder, CO 80305
09/09/17 from 9:00-12:00

For more information on training, to RSVP or inquire about hosting an ACMSAPI training please see our training page.

Veterinary Care For Animals in Need

A fundamental part of education is the assumption that people are not already aware of our cause or concern. While that sounds basic it is often overlooked and animal educators often jump to legal action first. This often means removing an animal that may have been in a loving, caring but ignorant home. Shelters are full and there aren't enough homes for pets as it is. That's why at ACMSAPI we focus on education and caring first. As such, a portion of all donations go providing veterinary care for animals in need. We find a lot pet caretakers want to do what's right by their animal but they simply don't know what that is. ACMSAPI is willing to povide the veterinary care that animals need and owners want as long as owners meet other standards of care. We are lucky to have excellent community veterinary partners across Colorado that allow us to provide care at a lower cost.